CG Spectrum Student Testimonials and Reviews

Hear what our students say about us!


"I legitimately love this school!"

I had a bit of a rocky start due to having a bit of a crazy working schedule, but after talking to Steve and the team they managed to help me work out a way that would allow me to still pursue my dreams while dealing with my crazy lifestyle. Now I'm on my way to completing my diploma and chasing my dream job. All of the teachers are wonderfully friendly, fun, hard working and truly want to make sure that you understand the subject material. They're only ever an email away - I've never met a harder working and more dedicated bunch. Thanks for everything guys!

Katina Fimmel


"This is how teaching should be, I learned so much faster!"

I signed up for the concept art mentorship program and I'm so glad I did. I'd been wanting to get into concept art for a while, but didn't know how to go about it and was feeling like watching endless youtube videos wasn't really getting me anywhere. The one-to-one mentorship was perfect for me; not only was my mentor awesome, but every lesson without fail had several eureka moments when my work was critiqued and painted over! I would say "That looks so much better! What did you do again? I hate you a little bit."

Cian Plumb


"The amount of one-on-one is second to none."

My time with CG Spectrum has been an invaluable learning experience. Having never done an online course, I didn’t expect to receive the level of personalised learning and quality teaching that I have experienced so far. The techniques that I have been taught have not only improved my animation skills by leaps and bounds, but they have also taught me to be a better storyteller through animation. Aside from the skills I’ve learned, I have also gained a great amount of insight into the industry which will definitely aid in my career as an animator. If you’re looking to enhance your specialist skills to an industry level, CG Spectrum is the place to be.

Richard Schilling


"Loving every minute of it."

As an aspiring Concept Artist, it's been amazing to have an industry professional as a mentor. Brandon Reimchen, my mentor, is someone who has not only been able to teach me new skills and techniques in regards to my art, but also how to apply my craft in a client based situation. Having one on one feedback has been so helpful, for example submitting in a concept and receiving back a paint over and a 30 minute video of well thought out and detailed constructive feedback. I've learnt so much in these past 6 months and have also gained much more motivation to work hard for my dream job.

Lauren Wakley


"You're not just another number."

I have always dreamt of breaking into the entertainment industry and since I've joined CG Spectrum I've begun to realise that it's not just an unachievable dream. CG Spectrum has a way of mentoring students that I haven't experienced before. My mentor is always pushing me in order to become industry ready. CG Spectrum mentors are always available for feedback and take a proactive approach to teaching their students. Studying in an online capacity makes for a more dedicated and uninterrupted learning experience.

Stephen Clark


"I got a summer internship at Sony Pictures Imageworks!"

When I started CG Spectrum's animation program, I wasn't sure of what to expect from it. Now, a year later, I can surely tell that choosing CG Spectrum was the best decision I've ever made. From the first to the final term, I had instructors that were incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and supportive. They take the time to introduce new concepts and the critiques can be quite long and detailed, depending on how much feedback the shot needs. Nothing was ever rushed and that's something very rare to find nowadays. The small classes also allow the instructors to spend more time with each student, analysing the shots to the tiniest detail.

Vanessa Rossi


"CG Spectrum got me my dream job!"

As a 2D animator, I wanted to expand my skill-set and learn 3D animation. I tried to do so myself but lacked the guidance from a professional. After a lot of searching and research, I found CG Spectrum. The curriculum is wonderful, the mentors are fantastic and the school is very accommodating. Did I mention that the mentors actually go through the files of your animation assignments? This contributes tremendously towards understanding your mistakes and learning not just what you need to do, but HOW you can correct them. The mentors are extremely helpful, encouraging, kind and most importantly, always available for help. I was able to email any questions about my assignments, at any time, and would get a reply soon.

Aniket Natekar


"Your education is their top priority!"

I didn't realise how much I didn't know before joining CG Spectrum. I feel like missing pieces of knowledge are now clicking into place. I'm learning stuff you just can't get out of books and DVD's alone. You can't ask book a question. They take your lesson file, open it and give a video critique while they work on your file. Showing you options, different approaches or what needs to be done to improve your workflow, making sure you fully understand the lessons being taught. It's not about just finishing the assignment and moving on to the next lesson, it's about fully understanding why and when, not just how. Each lesson is building you up for the next. 

You can send them emails in between classes and they will answer. Do they ever sleep? At CG Spectrum I'm learning so much and loving every minute of it.

Chris Ely


"CG Spectrum is incredible. I cannot recommend it enough."

The mentors at CG Spectrum are fantastic! The level of education I have received is unlike any other school I've come across. I have learned more in 9 months, than most other animation students do in 2 years. What separates CG Spectrum from other schools is that the mentors at CG Spectrum are not only talented professionals in their own right, but they also care about your success as an artist both in school and after you graduate. They are willing to spend as much time as they need, in order to teach you the material properly. 


David Nelson


"I’m not only learning the essentials of VFX but also key networking tips from my mentor."

I started CG Spectrum with no experience in Visual FX. Initially, the thought was quite daunting as I hadn't done much in the field prior. In my opinion, the education with CG Spectrum is the closest to giving me actual industry experience since I’m working alongside an industry vet whilst being taught the fundamentals of my trade. I can comfortably say I have more of a "peer to peer" relationship rather than "teacher to student", making it really easy to share my work and expect solid criticism.

Subhaan Asif


"I am very excited about how much I have achieved!"

Self-teaching as a tool is cool if you don't mind getting no interaction or help as well as learning older versions of the software. Thankfully, CG Spectrum has been giving me the total opposite and an opportunity to push myself every step closer to the industry.  With great resources at CG Spectrum, I learn not only how to craft but also how to think and prepare myself to be industry ready. 


David Tsai


"It’s your career success that matters."

I applied to some companies with my updated reel and get the chance to be hired by a small studio named Dwarf-Labs where I did some animations for a CG commercial. Then I was hired by Ubisoft where I worked for the last release of one of their big franchise, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate!"

Sebastien Muller


“CG Spectrum has been an instrumental part of my growth”

CG Spectrum has been an instrumental part of my growth as an animator, helping me sharpen my skills, acquire new ones and strengthen my character animation abilities. This is an invaluable experience for anyone looking to learn animation or take their skills to the next level.

Phil Minter


"From the get go you’re thrown into hands-on projects that has you itching to learn more."

This doesn’t feel like online studying. The mentors are always there to help and the live chats and forum help you get to know your fellow students who are also more than willing to give insightful feedback. Every step of the way you’re growing into a wonderful community. 


Patricia Tamyo


"I moved from another school as CG Spectrum offered a more specific program for my needs."

Let me assure you that it was the best move I have ever made. Mentors are current industry professionals so you know that techniques are relevant and I honestly believe that these guys are in it to see you succeed."

Danny Dore


"The most important quality of CG Spectrum is that they concentrate on training their students in a specific discipline"

They know that the industry is full of experienced and trained people and their goal is to find jobs for their student and not just pump out useless degrees. Instead of having a small understanding of the whole production pipeline, students have a competent and full understanding of specific parts of the pipeline. I honestly believe that these guys have built this institution to get people jobs and help grow the industry into something even more amazing than it is now. Big props to CG Spectrum.

Tom Garden