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You've learned the basics of 3D modeling and just can't get enough, right? Take the next step with CG Spectrum's Advanced 3D Modeling Diploma specializing in ZBrush digital sculpting and texturing. This course is designed to take your skills to the next level and prepare you for working in a professional studio pipeline.

The industry is in need of those specializing in digital sculpting and 3D modeling. You'll be using ZBrush, Maya and Substance Painter to complete weekly assignments and build up your professional portfolio. Your mentor will critique your weekly project live and give you the opportunity to improve upon your strengths as an artist.

CG Spectrum provides an extremely unique learning experience. Our award-winning mentors have worked on projects like Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek Beyond, and Game of Thrones. They will share experiences from the field, readying you for your future career and helping you prepare a demo reel that will set you apart from the rest.

Our advanced Zbrush classes cover everything from hard surface modeling, character/creature modeling to environment modeling. You'll also learn how to retopologize, texture, light and render your models so you can present them in a professional portfolio.

CG Spectrum gives you direct access and connects you to the best mentors from around the world, delivering a personalized education that gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed.



"Learning from mentors who work in the industry is really valuable. CG Spectrum offers this and a lot more. Mentors are always there to answer your questions and are truly there to help you become a better artist. The support you get during the course doesn’t end when you graduate. They give you the opportunity to show your work to the more impressive studios around, get direct feedback from them and help you to understand what they are really hiring for. I am very proud to be a part of this community."

Esteban Ariza


Next Intake
August 6th, 2018

10 Months

Course Delivery

Course Load
20 hrs/week

Skill Level
Intermediate - Advanced


Introduction to 3D Modeling or a portfolio submission demonstrating equivalent learning outcomes

A computer that meets the minimum recommended specifications

What You Get

  • Access to world-class mentors
  • Live weekly classes
  • Weekly recorded critiques 
  • Custom built curriculum
  • Original video content
  • ZBrush student software license
  • Access to online learning portal


Study Period 01 - Anatomy & Character Modeling



During this study period, you will learn the fundamentals of digital sculpting for film and video games using ZBrush. You'll get familiar with ZBrush and the user interface dedicated to digital sculpting and get a solid understanding of core concepts. 

Once students are comfortable with the common tools and practices used in a studio pipeline you'll dive into creating your own character in ZBrush. Students will learn the foundations of human anatomy to ensure their characters have believable form and proportions. This is an essential skill for every character designer to have.

From there you'll learn how to properly retopologize your character in order to reduce the poly-count and develop clean geometry. You'll also learn the different techniques of delivering a character for film production vs. game production.

Next, students will add clothing, accessories, and details to their character and finish the study period with a completely textured and rendered character ready for your portfolio.

  1. Get familiar with the industry standard software Pixologic's ZBrush and learn important tools used for digital sculpting

  1. Learn the foundation skills of anatomy for digital sculpting to ensure you develop proper character form

  1. Find out how professionals refine their sculpts with industry proven tips and tricks

  1. Understand advanced retopologizing techniques and best practices so you can produce nice clean geometry

  1. Design and  sculpt clothing and accessories for your characters to add more detail

  1. Get in-depth training on how to properly unwrap character UV's, add textures in Substance Painter and add materials to your model 

  2. Create a fully rendered character turn-around complete with wire frame overlays to show your character off

Study Period 02 - Creature Sculpting & Hard Surface Modeling



In Study Period 2 students will build on their digital sculpting knowledge and learn how to model a detailed creature from the ground up as well as using advanced techniques to create hard surface objects such as weapons, armour and vehicles.

Students start by researching and gathering reference for their creature sculpt in order to define their design and its final look. You'll learn everything there is to know about creating a creature for film and games including skin, scale and fur sculpting, advanced texturing techniques and how to pose and render your creature for presentation purposes.

In the last section of study period 02 students will learn how creating hard surface objects differ from organic models and what workflows are best suited for the job. You'll find out how to create clean, smooth surfaces and and apply those techniques to sculpting your own hard surface design for your portfolio.

  1. Apply your previously learned character design knowledge and digitally sculpt a creature of your own creation

  1. Detail your creature with skin, scales, and fur using a variety of different techniques

  1. Texture your creature, add materials and strike a pose in order to present professionally your digital model 

  1. Discover the different workflows, brush tools, and techniques  used for hard surface modeling

  1. Get introduced to ZModeler and it's unique applications for hard surface modeling

  2. Texture and render a detailed hard surface asset for your portfolio

Study Period 03 - Environment Modeling & Portfolio



In the last study period students will tackle the popular subject of environment sculpting and create their own digital scene using industry-proven techniques to speed up your workflow to create vast environments quickly.

Students will get an introduction to environment sculpting and create a base mesh using procedural techniques to build their scene swiftly. Next, they'll move onto organic modeling and how to master the important skill of creating common assets such as rocks, trees, and foliage for their environment and how to scatter them efficiently throughout their scene.

Next, students will learn proper UV unwrapping techniques in order to ensure they are able to efficiently texture their large environments without having to repeat unnecessary tasks. 

By the end of this course, students will have a deep understanding of digital sculpting for film and TV along with some very cool pieces for their portfolio.

  1. Work from a concept design and learn to digitally sculpt large immersive environments for film and video games
  1. Find out how procedural modeling can help quickly build detailed landscapes
  1. Build rocks, trees, and foliage to scatter throughout your environment
  1. Learn about creating different levels of detail for foreground and background elements
  1. Find out how to unwrap your models using professional UV techniques that will save you time and frustration 
  1. Set up custom lighting for your environment and render it out for presentation



Jeremy Chinn
Mentor of 3D Modelling

Known for
Guardians of the Galaxy

Frank Alvarez
Mentor of 3D Modeling

Known for
Game of Thrones

Steve Hubbard
Mentor of 3D Modelling

Known for
Alien: Covenant



"I got a job offer at a major feature film studio before even graduating! Studying at CG Spectrum gave me the opportunity to network with industry artists while I was learning and coupled with the amazing course I was able to secure a position in the industry. Now I'm working on amazing projects in my dream job!"

Andi Edirisinghe


"CG Spectrum has a way of mentoring students that I haven't experienced before. I feel as though my mentor is always pushing me in order to become industry ready and I'm not just another number. Mentors are always available for feedback and take a proactive approach to teaching their students."

Stephen Clark




Group Class

At CG Spectrum you're never just a number. We cap our class sizes at 5 students so you get the most attention possible at a more affordable price. 



10 x payments

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Save 10%



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1-On-1 Class

By choosing the 1-on-1 option you will get more individual attention from your mentor while having the flexibility to work within your busy schedule.



10 x payments

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Save 20%


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