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NUKE VFX Compositing Course Overview

Take your skills to the next level and learn the industry’s most powerful visual effects digital compositing package.

Whether you’re just starting out, making the switch from After Effects or looking to take your compositing skills to the next level our NUKE diploma course has you covered.

The VFX industry is rapidly growing and the need for highly-skilled, talented compositors has never been greater. From the exhilarating battle scenes in Avengers: Infinity Wars to the mind-bending sequences in Doctor Strange the art of VFX compositing helps seamlessly integrate digital assets with live action footage to bring the final shot together. Today’s compositors use a variety of tools, but no tool is as popular as NUKE.

Your NUKE training at CG Spectrum will prepare you creatively and technically so you’re ready to hit the ground running when you graduate. Our online NUKE diploma course is taught by world-class industry mentors, who have worked at major studios around the world and are ready to share their years of professional experience with you.

In just 10 months, you’ll master techniques in rotoscoping, digital painting, keying, scripting and lighting. You’ll also finish the course with a custom built professional portfolio and the confidence in knowing you are industry ready.

Whether you’re just starting out, wanting to upgrade your skills or looking to get your demo reel noticed CG Spectrum’s Diploma of NUKE VFX Compositing will help you get there.

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10 Months

Course Delivery


Course Load

20 hrs/ week


Intermediate - Advanced


Introduction to 3D Animation or Introduction to 3D Modeling or a portfolio submission demonstrating equivalent learning outcomes

A computer that meets the minimum recommended specifications

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Study Period 01

Introduction to NUKE Compositing

During the first study period, students will focus on building strong foundations in digital compositing for film and TV using the industry standard node based compositing software NUKE.

First up, students dive into NUKE and navigating its user interface, so students can get comfortable with all the tools and start learning how to set up a professional workflow.

From there students will build their foundation knowledge by learning, rotoscoping for hard and soft bodies, one of the most fundamental aspects of VFX compositing. You’ll also learn common NUKE tools used by professionals in the industry.

Green screen keying is probably one of the most commonly thought that comes to mind when you think of visual effects. Students will begin to master this technique and learn how to integrate different elements in to live action footage.

Students will finish off the study period by building a VFX shot from scratch for their portfolio.


Study Period 02

Intermediate NUKE Techniques

In Study Period 2 students will build on their foundation knowledge and start getting into some challenging projects. You’ll get a bit more creative freedom to explore your own ideas and master more complex skills.

Students will expand their knowledge of rotoscoping and keying using more advanced tools and produce more complex shots including 3D stereo conversion. Learn digital painting to clean up tracking markers and unwanted elements within a shot then move on to creating digital set extensions and sky replacements. This is an important skill to learn as today’s film and TV shows rely heavily on creating more vast and detailed scenes than ever before.

During this study period, an importance is placed on making sure you can set up and manage a clean professional workflow in order to work efficiently and creatively. You’ll get a better understanding of how to set up simple expressions and gizmos in your NUKE workflow to speed up your artist process.



Study Period 02

Lighting & Portfolio

Study Period 3 will allow students to begin focusing on creating their professional portfolio and learning the complementary skill of Lighting and Rendering to add to their VFX arsenal.

While developing their portfolio you will also be learning the fundamentals of feature film lighting and getting a better understanding of how to integrate 3D elements within a live actions scene. You’ll learn all about color theory, 3-point lighting, interior and exterior lighting as well as how to light a character for live action integration.

Students can use their rendered elements in their final compositing shots to add an extra layer of creativity to their portfolios.

You’ll finish the course with an advanced level understanding VFX digital compositing and a professional portfolio that recruiters will notice.




NUKE VFX Compositing

What you get

  • Access to world-class mentors
  • Live weekly classes
  • Weekly recorded critiques
  • Custom built curriculum
  • Original video content
  • NUKE student software license
  • Access to online learning portal

Meet Your Mentors

Sean Amlaner

Dept. Head of VFX Compositing

Known for Tomorrowland

Learn More

Genevieve Camilleri

Mentor of VFX Compositing

Known for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Learn More

Jason Gottlieb

Mentor of VFX Compositing

Known for The Amazing Spider-Man

Learn More

Josh Parks

Mentor of VFX Compositing

Known for Assassin’s Creed

Learn More
Anne Palm

I hadn't even finished the course before I was offered a job. My understanding of NUKE Compositing was minimal when I started with CG Spectrum. With the help of the mentors, I managed to build my skills and get my foot in the door at a major VFX studio.

Ben Nicoloff

Having a mentor that works in the industry facilitated both guidance and support in the weekly submissions. Their critiques guided my skill set and put me in front of the competition by helping me learn to trouble shoot from my mistakes. The flexible schedule and being online really worked for me.

Vince Buffalino

CG Spectrum is my ideal way of learning. With mentors active in the industry teaching proven methods and workflows you know you're not wasting your time. You get what you put in to this course and there isn't such thing as being too keen. I couldn't be happier with the progress and skills I've gained since starting.

Nathan St.Claire

Picking CG Spectrum has been the best decision I have ever made. My 1 on 1 compositing mentor was fantastic and I could not have asked for anything more so in tune with the VFX Industry. I have learned so much.

Course Tuition

Small Class

At CG Spectrum you’re never just a number. We cap our concept art class sizes at 5 students so you get the most attention possible at a more affordable price.


$995 USD

10 x Payments


$2985 USD

3 x Payments

(Save 10%)


$7795 USD

1 x Payment

(Save 20%)

1-on-1 Class

By choosing the 1-on-1 option you will get more individual attention from your mentor while having the flexibility to work within your busy schedule.


$1195 USD

10 x Payments


$3595 USD

3 x Payments

(Save 10%)


$9995 USD

1 x Payment

(Save 20%)


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