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Online 2D Animation Course Overview

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Explore the world of 2D animation, learn new skills and become a better artist!

CG Spectrum’s online 2D animation course is ideal for students who want to learn the history, skills and techniques needed for a successful career in animation.

In just 10 months, you’ll discover the techniques and secrets used by industry animators to create your own 2D animations using Toon Boom Harmony (industry standard software used by professional animators). Focusing specifically on hand-drawn or “cut-out” style character animation, you’ll learn the essentials of animation as well as advanced skills needed to create a professional portfolio. 

CG Spectrum’s 2D animation classes are conducted online, meaning they’re available to you, wherever you are in the world. During your video lessons, you’ll be personally mentored by former Disney animators with decades of experience animating for TV, film and games. CG Spectrum mentors actively working in the industry, so you can be sure you’re receiving the most up-to-date training from professional animators. 

Whether you want to learn 2D for yourself or you’re interested in becoming a professional animator, the online 2D Animation course is your first step!

Why Learn 2D Animation?

2D animation is a popular and diverse medium that’s seen a resurgence in the last few years. New technology has helped the art evolve, and demand for artists has grown significantly in the last decade. Read more about the industry and career pathways here.

Next Intake

September 2nd, 2019


10 Months

Course Delivery


Course Load

20 hrs/ week




Basic drawing skills, a digital drawing tablet and a computer that meets the minimum recommended specifications

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Meet Your Amazing Mentors

Scott Claus

Scott has worked at Disney and DreamWorks Feature Animation in the 1990s before transitioning into the world of CGI.  Some of his 2D credits include Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Prince of Egypt and Road to El Dorado.  His CG work includes the films Over the Hedge, Flushed Away, The Hulk and The Golden Compass.  As a supervisor, he was part of the team that won an Oscar for best special effects for Life of Pi.  As well as helping to bring the 2D department of CG Spectrum to life, Scott currently works as an instructor at a variety of schools in the Los Angeles area.

Known For

scott claus movie posters

Mike Wiesmeier

Mike  grew up in Los Angeles near the Disney studio and started drawing fervently when he was eight years old. His animation career has spanned 28 years, in production as an animator, animation supervisor, and animation director for interactive game, television, feature film, and AAA game projects for companies including the Walt Disney Studios, Filmax Animation, Netflix, and Eidos Interactive. Projects he has worked on include Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tarzan, Fantasia 2000, Little Mermaid 2, Lady and the Tramp 2, Peter Pan 2, and F is For Family.

Known For

mike wiesmeier movie posters

Course Curriculum

Study Period 01

2D Animation Foundations

animating a walk cycle study period 01

You will begin by developing a firm foundation in solid drawing skills based on the 12 Principles of Animation. Using industry standard software Toon Boom Harmony, you’ll learn how to create your own unique fundamental animation pieces including the bouncing ball, flour sack jump, character walk cycle, and a character reaction known as a “take”.

Weekly Breakdown

  1. Intro to the Principles of Animation
  2. Bouncing Ball Exercise 01
  3. Bouncing Ball Exercise 02
  4. Drawing Fundamentals
  5. Flour Sack Exercise 01
  6. Flour Sack Exercise 02
  7. Flour Sack Exercise 03
  8. Walk Cycle: Contact & Passing Poses
  9. Walk Cycle: In-between Poses
  10. Walk Cycle: Follow-through
  11. Character Take: Key Poses & Breakdowns
  12. Character Take: Creating In-betweens
Study Period 02

Physical Animation

quadraped run cycle study period 02

After strengthening your skills in anatomy drawing, challenge your understanding of body mechanics by animating a quadruped walk and a biped run in perspective. You’ll develop your ability to plan and visualize a performance with a lesson on acting for animators. Then you’ll have a go at animating a pantomime and short dialogue character scenes yourself.

Weekly Breakdown

  1. Drawing Human & Quadruped Figures
  2. Constructing Anatomy with Volume
  3. Quadruped Walk Exercise 01
  4. Quadruped Walk Exercise 02
  5. Character Run in Perspective 01
  6. Character Run in Perspective 02
  7. Acting for Animators
  8. Pantomime: Planning/Key Drawings
  9. Pantomime: Breakdowns/In-betweens
  10. Study & Analysis of Animation Greats
  11. Short Character Monologue 01
  12. Short Character Monologue 02
Study Period 03

Acting for Animation

character dialogue study period 03

By this stage, you’re excited and ready for more advanced aspects of 2D: creating appealing characters, solid drawings and expressive acting. Continue to increase your technical skills while working towards creating a polished dialog scene. With the guidance and expertise of your mentor, you will start working on your portfolio/demo reel and explore career pathways.

Weekly Breakdown

  1. Character Movement & Body Language
  2. Two-Character Dialogue Scene: Planning
  3. Study & Analysis of Acting Scenes
  4. Two-Character Dialogue Scene  01
  5. Two-Character Dialogue Scene 02
  6. Drawing the Human Figure
  7. Two-Character Dialogue Scene 03
  8. Drawing the Quadruped Figure
  9. Clean-up Animation
  10. Tradigital FX 01
  11. Tradigital FX 02
  12. Animation Reel Review & Industry Insight
Online 2D Animation Course

What you get

  • Access to world-class mentors
  • Live weekly classes
  • Weekly recorded critiques
  • Custom built curriculum
  • Original video content
  • Free student software
  • Access to online learning portal

Student Testimonials

Lauren Wakley

CG Spectrum has a way of mentoring students that I haven't experienced before. My mentor is always pushing me in order to become industry ready. CG Spectrum mentors are always available for feedback and take a proactive approach to teaching their students.

Liam Jones

The very personal learning experience I had through CG spectrum encouraged me to dig deep with questions and figure out how to really improve. I got the attention I needed from my mentor and broke through the frustrating plateau I had been at before starting. Looking back on my old artwork, I'm extremely satisfied with how far I've come.

Erica Hornakova

I have nothing but great memories of CG Spectrum! I was a bit unsure when I signed up for the course, but it changed my life. I had a great mentor who would always push me to do better and I learned valuable things each class.

Ryan-Tinder James

During my time at CG Spectrum, my skill as an artist rose to new heights I'd never imagined possible. I fell deep into the rabbit hole during this course, only because CG Spectrum offered so much extra information. This left me ready to kick start my career.

Course Tuition

Small Class

At CG Spectrum you’re never just a number. We cap our concept art class sizes at 5 students so you get the most attention possible at a more affordable price.


$1075 USD

10 x Payments


$3580 USD

$3225 USD

3 x Payments (Save 10%)


$10,750 USD

$7995 USD

1 x Payment (Save 25%)

1-on-1 Class

By choosing the 1-on-1 option you will get more individual attention from your mentor while having the flexibility to work within your busy schedule.


$1350 USD

10 x Payments


$4500 USD

$4050 USD

3 x Payments (Save 10%)


$13,500 USD

$9995 USD

1 x Payment (Save 25%)


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