3D Modeler at Laika

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Steve Hubbard
Mentor of 3D Modeling

Meet Steven

Steven brings over 20 years professional experience to CG Spectrum. Starting his career in the early 90’s in new media, he delved into 3D computer graphics early on. He led several companies as a new media director staying at the forefront of technology.

Moving from the internet into commercial production, he was instrumental in several award-winning commercial productions. Having won 2 Emmy Awards while working for ABC Television, he was heavily involved in moving commercial production further with 3D motion graphics and visual effects. In 2005 he received a Telly Award for his work on a PSA campaign, for a nationally recognized ballet company.

After a successful career in television, he set his sights on feature film. He joined three-time Academy Award winning Rhythm and Hues in 2010. While there he worked as a Technical Director on many feature film projects including X-Men: First Class and RIPD. In 2012 he was on the team that delivered the spectacular Richard Parker tiger for the feature film Life of Pi, that won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. He then moved onto the art department at R&H, as a matte painting TD, where he worked on several other feature projects.

Steve has worked on over 20 feature film projects and several VR/Real-time projects. Steve’s main focus now is VR/AR world building and environment modeling for feature films.



Transformers: Age of Extinction


Life of PI

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X-Men: First Class