Freelance Concept Artist

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Dept. Head of Concept Art

Meet Brandon

After receiving his degree in Fine Arts in 2003, Brandon began working in the video game industry as a Concept Artist. Since then he has produced work for companies like EA, Activision, Capcom, Gree, and Disney Interactive and is currently a Concept Art mentor for CG Spectrum. 

His focus as a Concept Artist has been placed on being adaptable to different aesthetic styles, while always adding visual interest to his designs. Whether its characters, props, or environment art, Brandon aims to elevate each project he works on by employing imagination and attention to detail to produce a quality product.

By relying on his experience, he aims to provide students with an inside look at how to achieve industry level standards in their own concept art portfolio.


adventures of tintin the secret of the unicorn ver5 Recovered

Disney Infinity 3: Marvel Battlegrounds

1052015 prototype


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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City