Freelance Compositor

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Mentor of VFX Compositing

Meet Alexander

Alexander Eriksson is a Compositor and Digital Artist currently working freelance for feature film and high end commercial projects. His most recent work includes films such as Game of Thrones, Gravity, Prometheus and 300: Rise of an Empire. He has also recently worked on commercial projects for Pepsi and BBC. Alexander started out studying software developing in C# and C++ but switched to digital arts after taking some courses in graphic design and concept art.

After discovering visual effects, he studied compositing for two years in Sweden at Campus i12. Upon graduating and completing an internship he was hired and later picked up by MPC to work on Prometheus. Since then he worked around Europe and in Canada for top visual effects studios like MPC, Framestore, Cinesite and The Mill.


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Edge of Tomorrow

godzilla 1


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Guardians of the Galaxy