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Meet Mike


Mike Wiesmeier grew up in L.A. near the Disney studio, and started drawing fervently when he was eight years old. His animation career has spanned 22 years, in production as an animation supervisor and director for interactive game, television, feature film, and AAA game projects for companies including the Walt Disney Studios, Filmax Animation, and Square Enix/Eidos.

Although primarily an animator, Mike’s skills also include visual development, storyboarding, and previsualisation. He started teaching at the American Animation Institute while working at Disney. In his 17 years of teaching he has had the privilege of passing on the animation wisdom he learned from legendary Disney animators, both to animation students, as well as in-studio to working professionals. Previous schools where Mike has taught include CalArts, Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles, Nemo Academy in Florence, and Centre NAD in Montréal.

Mike’s interest in animation first arose when he saw the book ‘The Art of Walt Disney’ in a bookstore. His interest has been sustained by the many wonderful teachers and colleagues he has worked with over the years, the most exceptional being veteran Disney animator Walt Stanchfield, who’s wisdom, positive attitude, and passion for animation encouraged him to teach. 








Foundations for Film & Games

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Advanced 3D Animation Course

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Advanced 3D Modeling Course

Learn to master the art of digital sculpting with ZBrush in this 1-year intensive diploma course. 

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Advanced Visual Effects Course

Take the next step and learn advanced FX techniques with the industry standard software Houdini FX.

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VFX Compositing Course

Compositing is the artistic process of combining filmed and rendered elements in order to create seamless integration of real and digitally created elements.


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Concept Art & Illustration Course

Give life to extraordinary creatures, invent unreal weapons and visualise entirely new worlds never seen before through illustrations and digital painting.


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MARI Texturing Course

Take control of the most powerful texturing software in the industry with CG Spectrum's 1-on-1 short course for MARI, learning the intricate art of creature texturing.


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Introduction to Game Animation

Upgrade your animation skills and learn video game animation in Unreal 4 Engine. Create combat animations, cinematics and production workflow techniques.


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Introduction to 3D Animation

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Introduction to 3D Modeling

The Introduction to 3D Modeling Course is designed to strengthen your foundation skills and provide a pathway to the Advanced 3D Modeling Diploma by mastering the basics of 3D Modeling.


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Introduction to Concept Art

Learn the basics of Concept Art through a series of video tutorials and take the next step on your journey to becoming a Concept Artist.


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1-On-1 Private Mentoring

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