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As a visual effects artist it’s essential to know the latest techniques and software. Houdini has become an industry standard among top VFX studios around the world and has been used on recent projects including Mad Max: Fury Road, The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Learn Houdini FX to harness the raw power of procedural, node-based workflow techniques and create amazing FX simulations in our one year intensive course. We will take you through the VFX pipeline from beginner to advanced techniques.

 What You'll Learn:

  1. Introduction to Houdini FX
  2. Building a VFX shot from scratch
  3. Rigid Body Dynamics
  4. Smoke, fire & explosions
  5. Fluids & Ocean Tools   
  6. Portfolio Assembly

At CG Spectrum we teach students the latest techniques with industry standard software that major studios worldwide use in their production pipelines. 

Software used in this course:

   Houdini FX          




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advanced diploma of visual effects

Study Period 1 Full Time - 15 weeks

During the course of this study period, students will learn the fundamentals of FX and simulations. They will learn Houdini FX and the user interface dedicated to FX and go over core concepts. Basic principles of scripting are taught which are essential to the procedural workflow and understanding of particles.

Projects include:

  1. Introduction to FX
  2. VOPs Geo Attribute & Noise 
  3. VEXpressions - Intro to Scripting
  4. Intro to Particles
diploma of visual effects

Study Period 2 Full Time - 15 weeks

Students continue to dive deeper into the procedural toolset and focus on Rigid Body Dynamics. They will cover specialised techniques such as fracturing, constraints the Bullet Solver. Students will also learn Intermediate rendering techniques then finish the term with a fx shot project.

Projects include:

  1. Advanced Geometry Tools
  2. Intro to Rigid Body Dynamics
  3. Geo Fracturing Techniques
  4. Rendering Concepts
diploma of VFX

Study Period 3 Full Time - 15 weeks

During this term students will learn how to use the incredibly powerful Pyro Solver. Master smoke, fire and liquid simulations as you step into an advanced procedural workflow. Students finish the term with a project incorporating the advanced techniques learned throughout. 

Projects include:

  1. Smoke and Fire FX
  2. FLIP Sim Tools
  3. Ocean Tool Set
  4. Portfolio Assembly




"I’m not only learning the essentials of VFX but also key networking tips from my mentor."

I started CG Spectrum with no experience in visual fx. Initially the thought was quite daunting as I hadn't done much in the field prior. In my opinion the education with CG Spectrum is the closest to giving me actual industry experience since I’m working alongside an industry vet whilst being taught the fundamentals of my trade. I can comfortably say I have more of a "peer to peer" relationship rather than "teacher to student", making it really easy to share my work and expect solid criticism.

Subii Asif Student

"I am very excited about how much I have achieved!"
Self-teaching as a tool is cool if you don't mind getting no interaction or help as well as learning older versions of software. Thankfully, CG Spectrum has been giving me the total opposite and an opportunity to push myself every step closer to the industry.  With great resources at CG Spectrum, I learn not only how to craft but also how to think and prepare myself to be industry ready. 

David Tsai Student


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