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By taking advantage of their industry professional teachers and the many events that we attend, sponsor and host; our students will have the opportunity to meet some of the most talented and influential people in the local and international industry.
Finding employment for our students is extremely important to us here at CG Spectrum. And, through network nurturing and an emphasis on folio and demo reel building, we have managed to maintain an extremely high placement rate for our graduates.
The only course that requires strong drawing skills is the Diploma of Concept Art & Illustration. All of our other courses do not require strong drawing skills but it is always encouraged to work on your fine art skills.
As part of an entry requirement for the course, we require at least 3 pieces of artwork that demonstrate character/creature creations, prop or environment type artwork. However, we encourage students to avoid painting from photographs, or photo manipulation. Students are also required to have their own digital tablets.
Our Introduction and Foundation courses are taught from the ground up so no experience is required with the software taught.All of our Advanced Diplomas require a prerequisite of intermediate knowledge of the software used in the course. You can see the prerequisites listed in the Course Information section of the course page. Our software specific short courses do require a basic to intermediate knowledge of the software that you’ll be learning.
Our mentors are spread across the globe, covering most time zones. Though we are based out of Melbourne and Vancouver, we schedule our classes to suit students from multiple time zones. If class schedules conflict with your time zone, we will work with you to find a mentor that suits your availability.
We understand why people are hesitant to enrol in online schools. Some online schools may be disconnected from their students or leave students to discuss topics amongst themselves in a forum so that they don’t have to pay instructors to be available.CG Spectrum is a different kind of online school - we stay connected with our students throughout each week of their course. As much as we encourage our students to post and critique other students’ work, we facilitate our student feedback to ensure that meaningful and helpful advice is being given to avoid students being misled or wasting valuable time. This is why we check in with our students every couple of days and are available if they need any assistance. Our students have told us that they get much more feedback from us compared to what they received at expensive bricks and mortar schools they have attended. Quite often we hear students say that they wished they had come to us first and saved all of that time and money.There is a live Q&A each week giving students a front row seat to ask their mentor any questions they may have, listen to tips and critiques on the assignment and see how a professional would handle the task at hand.The classes are conducted through an online portal called Litmos. Students are given a login username and password, and this is where they can select their subjects to find each week’s content, tutorials and submission dates.  

Our unique system of teaching allows our students to excel by providing:

  • Industry-leading mentors currently employed in the student’s discipline.
  • Small class sizes.
  • Live sessions where your mentor works within your file. You can also just view the recorded sessions at your convenience.
  • File analyses recorded by professionals which show students how the professional would correct their work and approach particular tasks.
  • Access to mentors, regardless of geographic location. If you are serious about a career in film and games, don’t settle for an online school that is just concerned with producing the most number of graduates each semester. Invest in your future and join CG Spectrum where you can focus your skills and hone your craft by getting the attention you deserve.
We have different types of payment plans available, however, the schedules depend on the course you are interested in studying. Please contact our Admissions Manager for further information.

Unfortunately, we do not.

We have a range of payment options available for all of our courses from upfront payment with savings of 20%, monthly payment plans or affiliated lenders with weekly payment options.

As an international school we are not affiliated with any regionally accredited body, therefore we do not offer financial assistance. We have a range of payment options available for all of our courses from upfront payment with savings of 20%, monthly payment plans or affiliated lenders with weekly payment options.

We believe our courses offer the best possible value when compared to other schools and we work with students individually to reach their educational goals irrespective of financial restraints.  

We do not offer scholarships by request. Please subscribe to our mailing list to get any updates for any future scholarship offerings.
Yes, it is possible to work and study full time. However, in order to balance both commitments, it’s very important to organise and dedicate your time appropriately. Creating a study schedule or monthly planner can be a great way to balance your responsibilities and ensure you don’t fall behind.
Yes. Send your current portfolio/website link/demo reel or Statement of Attainment from a previous College to the Student Admissions Manager who will consult with your course mentors to assess where to best place you based on your prior skills.
We recommend students dedicate approximately 20-25hrs a week or 2-3hrs a day in order to get the most they can out of their education. We encourage students to fully commit to the course so they can get the best experience possible and utilise available mentor time efficiently.
Email our Student Admissions Manager at or Call 1300 654 592.


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