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  • Get in-demand specialised training – Be confident that the skills you’ve learned are exactly what major studios all over the world are looking for
  • Network while you learn – Get taught and have your work critiqued by our industry mentors, allowing you to build your network from the moment you enrol
  • Built by industry, for industry – Our 3D animation and VFX courses have been designed by the mentors who teach it and are created to get the most out of every artist so they can hit the ground running after graduation
  • Unrivalled support and feedback – CG Spectrum is the only online visual effects school that works within student files to help trouble-shoot mistakes so they’re only made once. All classes and critiques are recorded so students can go back and review their lessons at any time.
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Meet Your Award-Winning Mentors

Mark Pullyblank

Mentor of Animation

Known for Avatar

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Jeremy Chinn

Mentor of 3D Modeling

Known for Big Hero 6

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Brandon Reimchen

Mentor of Concept Art

Known for Resident Evil

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Gen Camilleri

Mentor of VFX Compositing

Known for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Lauren Wakley

CG Spectrum has a way of mentoring students that I haven't experienced before. My mentor is always pushing me in order to become industry ready. CG Spectrum mentors are always available for feedback and take a proactive approach to teaching their students.

Liam Jones

Not only have I gained knowledge from this course, I have also gained a great relationship with my mentors and classmates. I am glad I was able to be part of this amazing school.

Erica Hornakova

I have nothing but great memories of CG Spectrum! I was a bit unsure when I signed up for the concept art course because I had no prior experience, but it changed my life. I had a great mentor, Brandon, who would always push me to do better and I learned valuable things each class.

Ryan-Tinder James

During my time at CG Spectrum my skill as an artist and concept artist specifically, rose to new heights I'd never imagined possible. I fell deep into the rabbit hole during this course, only because CG Spectrum offered so much extra information. This left me ready to kick start my career.

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