Introduction to Concept Art - Photoshop Basics

Part 1 - Layers & Menus


Description: In this demonstration, we look at the tools, menus, tabs and functions that you will typically make use of when creating concept art assets in Photoshop.


  • 1) Open a piece of digital artwork in Photoshop using File/Open. If you don’t have any digital work just use an image you download from the internet.
  • 2) Follow along with each video section. Pause the video each time an individual function of Photoshop has been demonstrated, and try it yourself. It is important to practice these functions so you become more familiar with them.
  • 3) Once you have gone through the videos and have acquainted yourself with the program, attempt to go back through the tools, tabs, menus and functions on your own and practicing using them a second time without guidance. If you forget something you can return to the video(s) that cover that specific function.
  • 4) The most important areas that you will need to be comfortable with are the Tools in the toolbar to the left of the screen, the brush modes in the top of the screen (when the paintbrush has been selected), and the layers tab in the right-hand side of the screen.

1. LAYERS 01

2. LAYERS 02

3. MENUS 01

4. MENUS 02

5. MENUS 03

6. MENUS 04

7. MENUS 05