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Let your imagination take control and unlock your artistic potential in our Diploma of Concept Art. 

Give life to extraordinary creatures, prototype unreal weapons and visualise entirely new worlds never seen before through illustrations and digital painting.

Weave together the universe of your dreams. From the world to the characters within it and the stories they tell. Our completely unique concept art course gives you the chance to let your imagination run free. Some projects include:

  1. Introduction to Photoshop
  2. Human Anatomy
  3. Digital Paintovers
  4. Storyboard and Matt Painting

At CG Spectrum we teach students the latest techniques with industry standard software that major studios worldwide use in their production pipelines. All required software to complete our one-of-a-kind concept art course is provided to students.

Software you will learn:

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Course Information


concept art online course


concept art and illustration

Study Period 1 Full Time - 15 weeks

Strong foundations serves as the first stepping stone to understanding and creating concpet art for video games and film. This study period is focused on developing well rounded skills and learning all aspects of the Concept Art pipeline including using Photoshop.

Lessons include:

  1. Introduction to Photoshop
  2. Composition
  3. Materials
  4. Dynamic Posing
online concept art classes

Study Period 2 Full Time - 15 weeks

Students will build upon foundational skills by focusing heavily on character design and prop design techniques. Learn the art of storytelling by developing scriptwriting and storyboarding skills to establish a creative vision for productions.

Lessons include:

  1. Character Design
  2. Storyboarding
  3. Visual Development
  4. Intermediate Anatomy
concept art online course

Study Period 3 Full Time - 15 weeks

Advanced techniques are taught focusing on Creature Design and Environment Design while learning Matte Painting and ZBrush techniques used in film production. Students will also create a professional portfolio to submit to potential employers.

Lessons include:

  1. Creature Design
  2. ZBrush Paintover
  3. Matte Painting
  4. Portfolio Assembly



"The most important quality of CG Spectrum is that they concentrate on training their students in a specific discipline"

They know that the industry is full of experienced and trained people and their goal is to find jobs for their student and not just pump out useless degrees. Instead of having a small understanding of the whole production pipeline, students have a competent and full understanding of specific parts of the pipeline. I honestly believe that these guys have built this institution to get people jobs and help grow the industry into something even more amazing than it is now. Big props to CG Spectrum.

Tom Garden Concept Art Student


"I am currently halfway through my course with CG Spectrum and am loving every minute of it.

As an aspiring Concept Artist it's been amazing to have an industry professional as a mentor. Having one on one feedback has been so helpful, for example submitting in a concept and receiving back a paint over and a 30 minute video of well thought out and detailed constructive feedback.

I've learnt so much in these past 6 months and have also gained much more motivation to work hard for my dream job (which never seemed achievable until now)."

Lauren Wakley Concept Art Student


Taking the plunge into your new career is exciting and daunting all at the same time. Drop us a line to ask any questions, get more information on your options and take your next big steps!