Have you ever watched a movie or played a game and marvelled at the intense character design? How about the environment they were in. Do you have these kinds of creative ideas building inside you, feeling that urge to get them out?

How would you feel about getting paid to do something creative that’s been building inside you? Don’t think of this as just another job but a life-changing Career.

Check out the 2015 Artist Salaries based on job titles, posted on Game Industry career guide:

Job TitleLow/YearHigh/Year
Game Artist (Generalist)$40,000$90,000
Concept Artist$45,000$100,000
Character Artist$45,000$65,000
Environment Artist$50,000$120,000
Technical Artist$40,000$105,000
Character Animator$35,000$100,000
2D Artist$60,000$75,000


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