MARI 3D Texturing & Painting Short Course is Here!

MARI 3D Texturing & Painting Short Course is Here!


At CG Spectrum, we make a point of having our finger on the pulse of the industry. When we see a need in studios, we want to help talented artists fill it. And when it comes to texturing and painting, MARI is the software to know.

We're extremely excited to announce the launch of our MARI 3D Texturing and Painting short course.

This 12-week, 1-on-1 short course is perfect for those looking to expand their skill set and take their work to the next level.  

MARI is a high resolution 3D painting tool developed by The Foundry, and the tool of choice for studios like ILM, Ready at Dawn, WETA and CD Projekt Red, helping titles like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Witcher 3 blow the minds of millions of fans.

Teaching students to master this amazing software will be industry legend Michael Cox.

Michael began his 3D career in Technical Illustration in the 1990’s before moving into games, where he worked at Torus Games in Melbourne as a 3D generalist. Since then, he's moved into the film industry working as a Texture Lead/Technical Supervisor at Weta Digital and a Texture Supervisor at both Digital Domain and Base-FX. His texturing and look-development experience ranges from creature/character work, hard surface to large scale environments. His film credits include Avatar, X-Men: First Class, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Tintin amongst others. Today he is the Director and Co-Founder of Cinesphere which focuses predominantly on asset creation for VFX, games and the emerging VR market.

Enrolments are now open for the MARI Short Course ready for the August 28th start date. Make sure you enquire about how you can get started now.

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