How to Get into the Video Game Industry and Stay Relevant

How to Get into the Video Game Industry and Stay Relevant


For us at CG Spectrum, Melbourne International Games Week could only be topped if Christmas, your birthday and Easter and a new Star Wars premier all fell in the same week.

Last year's MIGW was a huge week comprising of events like Hackathon, Unite Melbourne, Games Connect Asia Pacific Conference and closing with the mighty PAX Aus. We had so much fun last year meeting new people, doing new things and sharing the knowledge of our awesome mentors and we can't wait to do it all again this coming Spring.

So, to get you all excited for this year's MIGW, we thought we'd share the panel we hosted at last November's PAX Aus. On the panel were Animation mentors Mark Pullyblank and Simon Warwick, Concept Art mentor Brandon Reimchen, SFX mentor Greg Hird-Rutter, Tony Reid from the GDAA, Garth Midgley from GOATi Outsourcing and Brad Welch (fresh off working as the Design Director on Halo 5: Guardians) from 343-Industries.

These seven industry professionals shared some great stories and tips as they discussed how to break into the industry and stay relevant. 



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