At CG Spectrum we want you to meet our mentors and get to know the people who will be teaching you. Greg Hird-Rutter has been working in the FX industry for over 15-years and has worked in TV, film, and games. Greg is currently working as a Senior FX Artist at the amazing Ubisoft Montreal.

He is a Maya FX expert specializing in rigid bodies, particle/fluid simulation and real-time FX for games. His recent works include Life of Pi, Jack the Giant Slayer and the Assassin’s Creed franchise. His latest project is the upcoming triple-A, multiplayer-focused fighting game For Honor.


Here’s what Greg had to say about the importance of an industry-led school with mentors still involved in the industry:

“One of the reasons that I got into mentoring is because I think that this is really the future in how people are going to learn. For myself, when I’m teaching somebody something it forces me to learn the subject matter that much more. So it’s a good process for me and for people who are learning it. There’s so much great information out there already so I feel like it’s my job to figure out how to focus that and apply it to somebody’s education so that they can target what it is they want to learn and what career they are going after.” 

When asked what would he normally says to encourage someone who is passionate and wants to do this but thinks that they don’t have enough talent or the confidence to try it, Greg had this to reply:

“Talent is interesting because some people are naturally really good at some things and other people have to really work at them. I mean, I feel I have to work at things to really start to learn them, so I feel that the time you put in and the passion that you have is the most important. If you have a lot of natural talent but you don’t apply yourself you’re not going to go anywhere, so the important thing is putting those hours in, and then it can be a very big learning curve to overcome. So finding a mentor and finding a place where somebody who can teach you is going to be way easier than finding it out all on your own.  Right now there’s tons of information out there. If you Google search or go to YouTube and look for tutorials, they’re everywhere. But it’s hard to know what you’re learning why you’re learning it, so having somebody who can give you that insight is going to save you a lot of the frustration of you just trying to do it all on your own.”

Check out all of the amazing things Greg has worked on in his reel below.

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