Download Our Free Bad Bob Character Animation Rig

Download Our Free Bad Bob Character Animation Rig

Introducing our latest free animation rig, Bad Bob the gun-toting rabbit. 

Are you an animator looking for a unique character rig to showcase your skills? Maybe you are just a beginner trying to get started. Either way our newest little Bunny Sheriff character animation rig Bad Bob is fully rigged and ready for action. Watch our free walk cycle demo to learn the rig controls as well as great character animation tips from a seasoned pro.


Download him from our website and share what you make with him. Post your video online and tag us #CGBADBOB for a chance to win a full critique of your work by animator Mark Pullyblank, known for Avatar, and The Hobbit series. 


Go Get Bad Bob 

Ready to take your animation skills to the next level? Check out our Advanced Diploma of 3D Animation by hitting the link bellow.


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