Student Success Story: Tyson Bradock Works on DreamWorks DINOTRUX

Student Success Story: Tyson Bradock Works on DreamWorks DINOTRUX

Read an interview with recent CG Spectrum, Vancouver grad Tyson Bradock. He recently finished a job for Bardel Entertainment as a Character Animator on the Netflix hit for kids, "DINOTRUX".


He is now going to start working for Gold Tooth Creative. The agency responsible for bringing you the game trailers for titles like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Thief IV, and Starwars Commander.

We asked him some questions related to the education he recieved from CG Spectrum to help shed some light for those of you considering enroling in one of our online courses.

Tyson talks about the importance of networking with industry professionals at school and how that ultimately helped him land these jobs for top studios.

Here is a testimonial he gave to our Head of School and founder Jeff Pepper.

"You know I can't credit you enough mate, every interview I've ever walked into has mentioned your name and how nicely you spoke of me.  I'm happy to announce I'll be working at Gold Tooth Creative in the next few weeks. 

You are seriously, above and beyond a world class mate."


Q: How did you find out about CG Spectrum?


A: At the time I was enrolled in another online school and my friend who specializes in Dynamics found CG Spectrum online and was in the process of enrolling with them to further his skills in that area. He was totally jazzed about and and told me they also did animation.


Q: What made you decide to go to CG Spectrum for your education? What did you like about it more than other online schools?


A: After some research I found out that CG Spectrum was not only competitive in pricing, But one-on-one mentors was literally unheard of. So I contacted Jeff and he responded almost immediately, we jumped on Skype and had a extensive conversation about my goals. Through this I knew not only would the mentoring greatly exceed my expectations, but it was tailored to give me the maximum amount of skills in the shortest amount of time. 


Q: Did you have any previous art or 3D experience? 


A: Yes, at the time I'd completed a diploma in CGI and VFX and taken several workshops specializing in animation at other online schools.


Q: did you specialize in a specific area of focus, or did you wait to see what lIKED BEST? 


A: I'd already set my sights on animation and CG Spectrum gave me literally every peace of knowledge available to further my skills.


Q: Do you think having access to industry professional mentors gave you a head start landing your job in the industry? Did the networking help steer you in the right direction? 


A: Honestly, this was the begin all and end all of everything necessary to getting a job. My mentor's gave me advice on everything from my show reel, to interviewing for VFX jobs including: giving me references, helping me organize my resume, and even giving me outstanding references that helped me find a job literally half way across the globe.


Q: Did you use social media and other networking means to meet recruiters from game and film companies? If so what were they?


A: Linkedin, Linkedin, Linkedin. This is the professional doorway into this industry and it has all the information you need to get the job.


Q: After completing your education at CG spectrum how did you go about getting your demo reel to potential studios?


A: I use Vimeo for my show reel because it's password protected and you can make specific show reels for specific jobs, which give's you the added advantage of making the employer feel like you really want to work for them.


Q: Do you have any demo reel tips for rookie artists working on this final stage of their education?


A: Quality over quantity...Trust me, 3 fantastic low res playblasts will beat 10 fully rendered average pieces. Put only your best on your show reel and put a password on it so you know when someone wants to view your show reel. Also break your show reel up into sections. For an animator split it into 3 sections: your main show reel (best of the best) for general applications, then character for TV and animated feature, then creature for film. This way you have something to present for every aspect of the industry and if any employer asks for more you've got it.


Q: What was your first job in the film and games industry after graduating? 


My first job was at Bardel entertainment, working on the now extremely popular DINOTRUX. It's funny because when i got here my education was so good that i exceeded the expectations quickly and was moved up quickly.


Q: What was the most important  advice you learned while at CG spectrum?


A: Honestly the best piece of advice I can give anyone is to write down the gems. Often your mentor will say something off the cuff or in the middle of teaching you something else that is pure gold. Write it down; keep them all together and you'll be surprised how often those little things save your life in every situation from interviews to really stressful deadlines. 

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