Learn the art of stylised character animation

Say hello to our little friend, Bad Bob.
A biped character rig designed for video game and Pixar style animators.

Create your own original animations with Bad Bob for free. Both the design and 3D rig for our little bunny sheriff here was the result of a character creation contest we did through Kotaku Australia. A fellow kotaku reader came up with the idea and we left it to our team of talented industry professional mentors to bring it to life.

If you are not sure on where to start with this rig, or would like a refresher on Maya, our Free Autodesk Maya 2016 lessons will point you in the right direction.

Created By

Katerina Dzolganovski
Modelling and Texturing
Known for Star Trek Beyond, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Falling Skies

Francisco Alvarez
Modelling and Texturing
Known for Batman V Superman, Game of Thrones, Darksiders

Morgan Loomis
Known for The Hobbit, Planet of the Apes, The Avengers

Brandon Reimchen
Concept Design
Known for Disney Infinity 3: Marvel Battlegrounds, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Asset Details

tiger rig christmas


Full facial controls
No plug-ins required


Watch this demo to get started

It's always best to know your rig before you animate it. Follow along with the video and try out all the controls to get the most out of the rig. We hope you enjoy this free asset provided by CG Spectrum.

We would love to see some of the amazing work you create with the rig so feel free to post your work in the CG Spectrum Community. Also make sure to #CGBADBOB for a chance to win a full critique of your work by animator Mark Pullyblank.

software image

Software Required:

Share your creations with the CG Spectrum Community for a chance to get a full critique of your work by animator Mark Pullyblank.

Share this free rig and hashtag #CGBADBOB

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