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Learn 3d animation for feature films and games

Take your animation training to the next level by enrolling in our online 3D animation course.

Tell your story through movement and expression as you master the skills needed to become a successful 3D animator for film and games.

The 3D animation industry is constantly growing and the need for highly-skilled, talented artists has never been greater. From Guardians of the Galaxy and Game of Thrones, to Assassin's Creed and Halo, 3D animation is everywhere.

With the need to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital entertainment landscape, how will you stand out?


  1. Get in-demand specialised training - Be confident that the skills you’ve learned are exactly what major studios in the world are looking for. Our specialised animation course has been created by award-winning mentors for graduates looking to excel in the animation industry.  
  1. Network while you learn - Get taught and have your work critiqued by our industry connected mentors, allowing you to build your network from the moment you enrol.
  1. Built by industry, for industry - Our 3D animation course has been designed by the mentors who teach it, created to get the most out of every artist so they can hit the ground running after graduation.
  1. Unrivaled support and feedback - CG Spectrum is the only school that works within student files to help trouble-shoot mistakes so they're only made once. All classes and critiques are recorded so students can go back and review their lessons at any time. 

CG Spectrum gives you direct access and connects you to the best mentors from around the world, delivering a personalised education that gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

To be the best, learn from the best at CG Spectrum.



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CHARACTER & CREATURE RIGS Free use of all Long Winter Studio Rigs

When you sign up for CG Spectrum's Advanced Diploma of 3D Animation you will get access to over 37 amazing animation rigs courtesy of our friends over at Long Winter Studios.

GET CONNECTED Network with the industry as you learn

Take advantage of our contacts at studios like Iloura VFX, Luma Pictures, League of Geeks and many more to help you graduate industry ready.

NEVER JUST A NUMBER Learn 1 on 1 or in a small class for optimised learning

CG Spectrum students have constant access to the most talented artists in the industry and, with the help of small class sizes, never get left behind.
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diploma of 3D animation

Study Period 1 Full Time - 15 weeks

Students continue on from Foundations for Film & Games and begin to learn more complex animation theory. In Study Period 01 students will learn body mechanics and how they apply to bipedal characters. An emphasis is placed on learning the ever important walk and run cycle and how characters react to impact and force.

Projects include:

  1. Walk & Run Cycles
  2. Walks with Character
  3. Body Mechanics
  4. Impacts & Force
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Study Period 2 Full Time - 15 weeks

Expanding on growing skills, we now get into complex principals of physical animation incorporating combat actions, physical interaction and making a character's motion look believable by applying weight and mass. Lastly, we look at what makes a character tick by understanding changes of emotion.

Projects include:

  1. Combat Actions 
  2. Jumps and Impacts
  3. Dealing with Mass
  4. Change of Emotion
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Study Period 3 Full Time - 15 weeks

Learn to breathe life into your characters and understand advanced acting techniques to create convincing performances while delving into the principals of creature animation. Students will also create a professional portfolio to submit to potential employers and start networking with studios.

Projects include:

  1. Dialogue Animation
  2. Character Acting
  3. Creature Animation
  4. Portfolio Assembly



"CG Spectrum got me my dream job!"

After a lot of searching I found CG Spectrum. The curriculum is wonderful, the mentors are fantastic and the school is very accommodating. One of the things that impressed me the most was they actually go through the files of your assignments. This contributes tremendously towards understanding your mistakes. The mentors are extremely helpful, encouraging, kind and, most importantly, always available for help.

Aniket Natekar 3D Animator - Bron Studios


"It’s your career success that matters."

I applied to some companies with my updated reel and get the chance to be hired by a small studio named Dwarf-Labs where I did some animations for a CG commercial. Then I was hired by Ubisoft where I worked for the last release of one of their big franchise, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate!"

Sebastien Muller 3D Animator - Ubisoft


If you want to learn more about how to become a 3D animator or are interested in CG Spectrums online 3D animation course contact us now and we'll be in touch shortly.

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