90% Employment Rate for 2016 Advanced Diploma Graduates

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"CG Spectrum is the first place we look to find quality graduates for junior positions."

Simon Rosenthal
Head of VFX – Deluxe Asia Pacific

Known for Game of Thrones, Mad Max Fury Road and Ted


Specialised Training

If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. Join CG Spectrum and get world class 3D Animation, VFX & Game Design education taught by award-winning artists who've worked at top studios around the world. Network while you learn.

Flexible Learning

Innovative. Accessible. Convenient. With small class sizes, a custom designed curriculum created by industry professionals and more 1-on-1 time than any other school students receive an online learning experience like no other. 

Jobs in VFX & Game Design

Industry Support

Our online training is focused on one thing. Outcomes. Whether you're looking to build your own video game, master 3D animation techniques or get your foot in the door at a world class studios we'll help you get there. At CG Spectrum you're not just another number.


Game Design

Foundations of Film & Games

Strong foundation skills form the bedrock for any great 3D artist. This course is the perfect spawn point for those looking to begin their journey as a 3D Artist in film and games.


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3D Animation

Advanced 3D Animation

Take your 3D Animation skills to the next level by learning advanced techniques of physical, character and creature animation.


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3D Modelling

Advanced 3D Modeling

Learn to master the art of digital sculpting with ZBrush and Maya in this 1-year intensive 3D Modelling diploma course. 


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Houdini FX

Advanced Houdini FX

Take the next step and learn advanced visual effects techniques with the industry standard software Houdini FX.


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Game programming

Unity Game Programming

Dive straight into the heart of game programming and make the video games you’ve always wanted. From indie passion pieces to sprawling RPG’s, we give you the skills to create your dreams.


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Concept Art

Concept Art & Illustration

Give life to extraordinary creatures, invent unreal weapons and visualise entirely new worlds never seen before through concept art and digital painting.


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NUKE Compositing

NUKE VFX Compositing

Learn the industry standard compositing software NUKE. Combine filmed and rendered elements in order to create a seamless integration of real and digitally created elements.

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CG Rentamentor Private Tutoring

We offer a one-on-one mentoring service that pairs you up with the industry’s best to help you learn what you want, when you want.

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online game design and animation courses
online game design and animation courses

Lawrence Zalasky Layout TD, Batman vs Superman

"The quality of the instruction combined with instructors willingness to go above and beyond what most students probably expect is what makes CG Spectrum the best. Anyone looking for small class sizes with instructors that are all working professionals in the industry who really care about their students would be happy with CG Spectrum. As a student, if you're willing to put the work in, listen to instruction and be honest with yourself and your work, you will succeed."

online game design and animation courses
online game design and animation courses

Phil Minter Previs/Postvis Artist, World of Warcraft

"I have been able to develop a more efficient work flow needed for the studio world. CG Spectrum has been an instrumental part of my growth as an animator, helping me sharpen my skills, acquire new ones and strengthen my character animation abilities. This is an invaluable experience for anyone looking to learn animation or take their skills to the next level."

online game design and animation courses
online game design and animation courses

Alan Blackwell Concept Artist, Transformers Battle Tactics

"I came out with about 3 finished pieces which directly led to me being picked up by DeNA Studios. My mentor took me through some homework exercises related to getting my portfolio quality kicked up a notch. We also ran through some more basic thinking behind image creating such as composition, thumbnailing etc. In the end I came out with about 3 finished pieces which directly led to me being picked up by DeNA Studios Canada late 2012 as a Junior Concept Artist. I really appreciated the time I got to work with my mentor during those sessions."




3D Animation
3D Animation

Mark Pullyblank
Mentor of Animation

Known for


3D Modelling with ZBrush
3D Modelling with ZBrush

Jeremy Chinn
Mentor of Modelling

Known for
Guardians of the Galaxy


digital art courses
Houdini Visual Effects

Gyuri Kiss
Mentor of VFX

Known for
Mad Max: Fury Road


Concept Art and Illustration
Concept Art and Illustration

Brandon Reimchen
Mentor of concept Art

Known for
Disney Infinity



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