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Thank you. Our 2016/17 Season is now Closed

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Mentor & student work by: Nathan Mitchell, Jeremy Chinn, Suubii Asif & Danny Dore
CG Spectrum scholar with mentor Brandon Reimchem. Brandon's concept art has featured in projects for Disney, Marvel and Capcom, among others.

learn from the industry's best


In 2015, CG Spectrum gave away $500,000 worth of scholarships for our industry-mentored online diplomas to the best young artists in the country.

Scholars were mentored in their chosen pathways by the best in the industry, including pros from EA, Ubisoft, Weta, Dreamworks, Iloura and more.

This year, we're opening the programme to international applicants, and including our newest courses - Concept Art & Game Programming. Register your interest now and we'll send you more information on applying. 


CG Spectrum diplomas have been built by mentors in studios like Framestore and Ubisoft, and with endorsement from software partners including Foundry (Nuke, MARI) and SideFX (Houdini). Our students receive individual instruction from industry mentors, and benefit from close partnerships with local and overseas studios to secure them jobs on graduation. 

A fully paid one-year diploma or advanced diploma Scholarship will be offered to students with exceptional portfolios for:

  1. Game Programming
  2. Concept Art & Illustration
  3. 3D Animation
  4. 3D Modelling
  5. FX & Simulation
  6. VFX Compositing
CG scholar in a portfolio review with local VFX studio Iloura, whose work includes Game of Thrones and Mad Max. 
LoG Awards Photo Studio of The Year.jpg
Scholarship partners League of Geeks accepting Studio of the year at the Australian Game Developer Awards 2016 


Scholars from our 2015 season have already gone on to opportunities with the studios behind Game of Thrones, Mad Max, Dr Strange and more, with close to half offered places before graduating. Our alumni have worked on Fantastic Beasts, the Assassin's Creed series and more.

In October, we began portfolio reviews with studios to showcase the work of graduating students, as well as provide them constructive feedback straight from industry supervisors. The result was three students being offered contracts by Iloura VFX, who worked most recently on Ghostbusters. 

Close industry ties is what set CG Spectrum apart. We're currently in talks with game & VFX studios to continue opening up more opportunities for our students. 

what our students say


"It's so important to be mentored by an actual industry professional"

Believe me, you can really notice the difference in terms of quality of advice when you learn from an industry professional. With my CG Spectrum mentor, not only were we talking about my work and how to make it better, but also about the industry in general. How to get a job, build a demo reel and more!

Sebastien Muller Alumni, Character Animator for Assassins Creed Syndicate


“CG Spectrum is so different than any other school”

"The mentors are always there to help and the live chats and forum help you get to know your students. Every step of the way you’re growing into a wonderful community. For me the quality of education I’ve received at CG Spectrum is the best I’ve gotten from Australian schools so far."

Patricia Tamayo Current CG Spectrum Scholar

our courses


Concept Art & Illustation

Give life to extraordinary creatures, invent unreal weapons and visualise entirely new worlds through illustrations and digital painting. CG Spectrum's fully accredited Diploma of Visual Arts CUA51115 specialising in Concept Art and Illustration is designed for students who are interested in careers as Concept Artists for the film and games industries. 


Game Programming

Dive straight into the heart of gaming and build the video game experiences you’ve always wanted - from indie passion pieces and mobile apps to sprawling RPG’s and AAA-blockbusters. CG Spectrum’s fully accredited Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media specialising in Games Programming is designed to build strong fundamentals with a focus on practical applications and learning by doing.


3D Animation

Breathe life into your creations and tell a story with CG Spectrum's advanced 3D animation Course. Throughout the duration of the course students will learn how to master their skills in order to become a successful artist in the film and games industry.


3D Modelling

Create 3D models and digitally sculpt the things of your wildest dreams with CG Spectrum's advanced 3D modelling course. With the guidance of their industry mentors, students finish the course with a professional portfolio they can submit to studios. 


FX & Simulation

Digitally create the special effects to dangerous to be shot live. Light up the sky with epic explosions, unleash the power of the sea and reduce towers to piles of rubble in our Advanced Diploma of Visual FX. We give you the skills to make the incredible credible.


VFX Compositing

Compositing is the artistic process of combining filmed and rendered elements in order to create seamless integration of real and digitally created elements. Learn the art of Compositing and Lighting and understand the final step to completing a visual FX shot for TV and feature films.